Tahini-fI was out “late” last night, first for my now weekly book club/picnic (reading The Life You Always Wanted, holla!) and then for trivia night at some east village bar I’d never been to (I’ll never forget the meaning of NIMBY again). So I didn’t roll up to my apartment until 10 till 11, which was not good for my new eight hours of sleep ritual I’d been sticking to so diligently. My new “my-life-runs-as-smooth-as-clockwork” routine also includes making lunch before I go to bed, but with only ten minutes to 11, there was no time. So obviously I was eating out today.

I decided I couldn’t go to Whole Foods because I’d already eaten lunch there yesterday (white bean salad, turkey with vidalia onion, and coleslaw = amazing) followed by dinner there yesterday (veggie sushi). And I wanted to try something other than my second standby, the East Village’s Atlas Cafe. My standards were healthy and cheap, which eventually led me to Tahini on 3rd and St. Marks.

Here is why I already love this place. One, they gave me a free steaming hot falafal while I was in line, and free food totally equals way to my heart. And two, the hummus plate with eggplant is delicious and surprisingly filling even without the free pita (I substituted rice crackers in its place). I’ll be going back!

Eat Here: 23 3rd Avenue @ St. Marks Place (NYC) / www.tahnininyc.com