If there’s one thing the bed bugs have acheived during their “stay” in my apartment, it’s throwing me completely off schedule and out of routine. In the past week I haven’t done any of the things I normally do. For starters I haven’t gotten 8 hours of sleep. Which led to me not exercising in the morning (or doing my stretches at work), journaling when I wake up (too tired/too scared/too busy inspecting every inch of my bed), or reading my Bible at night (it’s in the freezer). I also haven’t made dinner, packed lunch, eaten 3 meals a day, and I even missed my medicine for a couple days in a row when I was too scared to reach for the travel chest I keep them in next to my bed in case bugs came crawling out. And I’m definitely behind schedule on The Life You’ve Always Wanted, which sucks because I’m leading the group.

I’m honestly considering the option that all of the crazy stuff that happened this week (bed bugs being the tip of the iceberg and only the most notable) is an attempt to throw us off course (check), watch us be cranky under pressure (check), throw off our total money makeovers (nearly check but we were saved by some major generosity at the last minute!), and make us feel like it’s all hopeless and we should probably just leave New York and settle for a “safer” life (check, check, check, here).

BUT today I remembered Proverbs 18:14 and decided that if I have any chance of winning, it will be from staying positive. We’ve been so exhausted, stressed out, and freaked out that neither of us has been praying like normal. So my sister and I said a prayer out loud before we got ready today. And then we discovered THIS! Actually our mom sent us the link, but still it totally could be the thing that save us if it’s as good as the infomercial said. And infomercials don’t lie, mmkay?

I’m so psyched that we found an all natural but super-deadly-to-bugs insectide. I’m tempted to spray it everywhere right now, but I’m going to hold off until the exterminator comes for round two on the 15th (he’s using an all natural pesticide too, which has been great since I’m so sensitive to chemicals) and then spray it 15 days later just as an extra oomph to get rid of them. Hope is on the way!

p.s. this whole ordeal has made me even more salty towards unwanted bugs, and I can’t wait to get done with my Total Money Makeover so I can donate towards Lyme Disease research and mosquito nets through World Vision or something. It’s definitely called to light once again how one small, barely noticeable bug can wreak so much havoc!!