Last week I bought Whole Foods 365 Whey Protein Powder in Vanilla to add to my Green Vibrance drink in the morning. So far I’ve just been drinking my Green Vibrance mixed with water. It gets the job done, but I have to admit it could stand to be tastier, and I’m ready to jump on the super morning smoothie bandwagon. My plan is to add the whey protein to the Green Vibrance (this could be gross, but I’ll give it a shot) and some fruit and see what kind of amazing smoothie I can come up with to help me get all my greens AND gain some healthy weight.

But with all the craziness going on at my apartment, I haven’t even had a chance to bring it home. So today I added it into Whole Foods 365 plain whole milk yogurt with a splash of stevia (also Whole Foods 365… apparently I’m a brand whore 😉 ). Not bad for my first time trying it. It definitely has a vanilla taste and gives the plain yogurt a little extra oomph.

My next step is to buy a blender so I can actually whip up these amazing “Green Monster” smoothies I keep reading about or this delicious looking Blueberry one from the Whole Foods’ bloggers. I’ve added a Jack LaLane’s Power Juicer to my Total Money Makeover wishlist and of course have a VitaMix in the longterm plans. Just a couple more bills to pay off (and some recovery from this bed bug disaster), and I’ll be able to get it!