Somewhere between Friday and today a couple things happened:

We decided to move! Actually, we don’t 100% know if we’ll be moving, but we are really leaning in this direction if it’s possible. Steph spoke to an exterminator on Friday who came highly, highly recommended, and he told us that it sounds like the bed bug infestation is not located in our apartment but in the building walls (phew – kind of a relief in some ways even if it means it’s a bigger hassle to tackle). So now, unless the building is treated there is a strong chance they’ll come back. Not on my watch! We spent a lot of time praying about this and thinking this through, and moving seems to be the best option in the long run though we still can’t say that’s absolutely what will happen. My landlord did finally agree to talk to the exterminator today, so maybe he’ll come around to treating the whole building and this will blow over? For now I’m keeping my eyes on Craigslist.

I also realized this situation is a great opportunity for yet another turning point in my life. God has been doing great things in my life through Lyme Disease and my healing process (my “every lil step I make”), and I feel like I’m really starting over and beginning a new life if you will. I want to use this bed bug situation to cut the baggage in my life and really start living the life God has planned for me. I thought I’d already downsized a ton in moving to Greenpoint three months ago, but bed bugs made me realize that when push comes to shove (and when faced with the threat of microscopic bugs hiding in my things), there is a lot more that I can do without. I still have a TON of baggage to lose. So last night Steph and I went through all of our clothes Carrie Bradshaw before-the-wedding-style and got rid of a three large trash bags worth of stuff, and we’re going to go through it at least one more time before we move.

(Dash Attack was happy because she finally had something soft to lay on!)


We also took no prisoners with our CD collection. Only about 50 albums will be making their way into our new lives. It sounds like a lot when I say it out loud, but we’re leaving hundreds behind (after already selling hundreds six months ago!). And as music industry people whose lives used to center around music, I think this says a lot about the turning point we’ve each reached.

After surviving Lyme Disease (and getting better!), I realize my biggest blessings in life are health and the opportunity to wake up and make the world a better place for God each and every day. Kim right now is not the best at this, but hopefully I’ll get better at this with every lil step I make (which, incidentally, is what this blog is all about).

Of course I’ve been praying a lot through this whole thing, because I feel like my “new life” is something God’s been doing in me at an accelerated pace ever since my adult baptism last summer. But there are a couple areas where I’ve been slow to move forward and probably resistant to change. This weekend I feel like I turned  a clean slate mentally, emotionally, and physically. I’m ready to let go of so many of the “things” I held onto for a sense of comfort and stability – clothes, music, furniture, “the perfect apartment”- and I’m ready to commit to the new life God has planned for me – even if that means leaving the things from my old life behind.

And thankfully God’s been hitting me over the head with guidance as he tends to do when I ask for it. Yesterday we watched Darryl Strawberry’s guest testimony at my church, and even though I’ve never struggled with drug or alcohol addiction, his testimony completley struck a chord in me. He’s so psyched to have laid his old life down completely and live his new life for The Lord. And that’s exactly where I feel like I’m at right now on my walk with the Lord.

Then on top of that, one of the daily devotionals I read today addressed the topic of moving head on and confirmed for us that it doesn’t matter which neighborhood we end up in – God will give us community wherever we go. It’s our jobs to get out there, find it, and invest in it.

So bed bugs, as much as they suck, are the catalyst of a major turning point I’ve been meaning to make for a long time. And even if I’m never, ever, ever going to be grateful to the bed bugs for the trauma they’ve caused me, I’m super grateful for the work God’s done in the midst of it! I’ll keep you posted as I go!


p.s. Just stumbled across this from the devotion I was talking about earlier. How ironic is that?! I love when God points me to others who are going through the exact same thing and can offer some helpful hints along the way. I’m going to bookmark her blog to check it out more often.