The exterminator came for the second time yesterday, and our apartment is now even more of a bomb shelter than it was before. Diatomaceous Earth is  everywhere and the floor is literally covered in sticky pesticide residue. He also took apart my bed and moved all the remaining furniture that was too heavy for us to carry downstairs into the middle of the room, so last night Steph and I had to sleep on the kitchen floor with bath towels and a down comforter. It was NOT my finest hour.

On the plus side, the exterminator spoke to our landlord and explained that not only was this a pre-existing condition (the previous tenants may have moved out knowing they had bed bugs and wanting to escape), but that as a landlord, he is obligated to pay. Apparently this shook my landlord up. I didn’t have a chance to speak to him about it though, because as soon as the exterminator left Steph and I took off to check out apartments – starting with Ditmas Park. Which I LOVED.   So… say a prayer for us! We put an application in on a place, so I’m hoping I get good news today!

I stopped by Madison Square Park to catch up on emails while Steph printed off the application at her office nearby, and a squirrel ran into my lap for my lunch! I gave him my leftovers:


Song of the Day: Imogen Heap – “First Train Home” from her upcoming album Ellipse due in August. I didn’t even know Imogen Heap has a new album coming out until I saw this on La La, but I’m a big fan. Listen here. And for old time’s sake, I’m listening to “Goodnight and Go,” which is one of my favorite songs from her 2005 album Speak for Yourself.

Update: It looks like we are going to get the apartment in Ditmas Park!!! I can’t wait to share more about it.