Last night I was catching up on my personal emails on the train, and two particular emails stuck out to me. The first was from Mitch Stewart of Organizing for America (owned by the Democratic National Committee) and asked readers to sign a petition supporting Obama’s healthcare plan. The second was from a Christian website I subscribe to and read “ObamaCare = Gov’t funded abortion and euthanasia” (to be fair, this website does clearly state that the email was paid for by a third party and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the website’s staff or contributors – so let’s not equate the two. I’d just like to talk about the subject line for a bit). Obviously I subscribe to both email newsletters, and there are elements of each “camp” that I’m a big supporter of. But there’s a HUGE gap between what each email is saying on this issue of healthcare and the language they’re using to reach out to their supporters. And honestly, all this fury over healthcare has me a little confused. Are we really turning the need for quality healthcare for ALL Americans into a bi-partisan (and/or even scarier, a “religious”) debate?

Equating politics with religion has always been something I’ve seen as dangerous ground. As a Christian, my faith informs my political beliefs above all else. But I think it’s really unfortunate that there are people who would try to paint us as Christians into a corner on certain issues. I think it’s safe to say that if Jesus was walking the earth again today, he’d be neither a card-carrying Democrat nor a card-carrying Republican. Instead, we can be sure he’d have some opinions on creating a better political system altogether. But regardless of how he would cast his vote, one things for sure. He’d have little use for the political squabbling that’s going on around this issue and would focus on the real issue at hand – making sure his people, the people he loves, received care. Rich or poor. Legal or illegal. Whatever the case, Jesus’ track record for calling out some of the most orthodox, “upstanding,” and by the book people of his day who were capable of following all the rules but whose hearts weren’t in the right place shows he has little tolerance for legalism without love. So the fact that this opportunity to extend just a little bit of a helping hand to our neighbors has become such a political battlefield is freaking me out.

As an adult, I’ve been both insured and uninsured. And as someone with a systemic illness, I understand the importance of safe, affordable, quality care and the huge gaps in care available to those with insurance and those  without. There will be no perfect solution to the mess we’ve made of our health care system in America. At least not in the next few weeks or months. But we should all be able to agree that its important we look for one. Whether Democratic, Republican, Socialist or something else. Show me the best plan, and you’ll have my support. Because there are some things that are important enough and that are so essential that it would be stupid not to agree on them. Let’s stop making ths about something it’s not, and let’s get down to brass tacks.

Grateful for:  A wonderful book club meeting last night. We discussed chapters 5 and 6 of The Life You’ve Always Wanted, which covered the disciplines of “slowing” and of prayer. My favorite take-away-note was (and I’m totally summarizing here) that in many poor countries, they live with the notion that there is enough time in the day for what needs to be done today while here we’re always strapped for time.True that. I have to disappoint a lot of people in my job when I practice this discipline, but man is it worth it to take life at life’s pace. I can’t wait to get to move and “slow” even more.

Article of the Day: Is God on Our Side? [] (interesting piece on how we often try to equate our opinions with God’s opinions)

Deal of the Day: Crunch Gym private parties! sent this around last night. And I totally want to do the “Dance Your Ass Off” class.  My b-day’s coming up in only a month and a half, ladies!

Organizational Tip of the Day: I don’t know if this is a tip or a quirk of mine, but yesterday I started a new document in Notebook called “What I’m Doing Right Now.” And then I wrote down exactly what I was doing right at that moment. Every time I get sidetracked by one of the millions of things competing for my attention, I turn back to this doc and remind myself “this is what I’m doing right now.” Sounds crazy, but it’s a huge help to isolate only one thing from my giant to do list and zero in on that. I’m telling myself it links back to my discipline of slowing. Today’s my second day with it, so we’ll see how it pans out!

Link of the Day: Just check it out.