My left side has been my weaker/worse side for as long as I can remember. We’ve been working on it like woah in physical therapy, but for some reason it always tends to be more tense than my right. I’ve always just assumed my Lyme damage was worse on my left, which is definitely true. But on Monday I was catching up with one of my new favorite blogs, Eat Live Run, and I learned that the left side can also be more tight than the right because the left is where we “receive life.” (Being an online publicist, I should be familiar with linking etiquette, but I have to admit I’m really ignorant in this area – so I hope it’s OK I link to this post!)

I was so excited to read this, because it offered another glimpse into why my left side is continually behind my right even when I work on it on a daily basis. So last night at physical therapy I asked both my chiropractor and my massage therapist if this was the case. My chiropractor felt that it has more to do with whether or not we receive each of our five human needs on a regular basis: food, shelter, air, water, and touch. If we aren’t receiving enough “touch” in our daily lives, we could tense up and suffer a lower immune system among all sorts of symptoms. If that’s not a case to continue massage therapy, I don’t know what is ;). But my massage therapist explained that it’s also because our left side is our “feminine” side and our right side is our “masculine” side. To use his words, if a person has “issues” with being open-hearted, nurturing, and affectionate, their left side may suffer.

Honestly, as much as I hate to admit it, I think there’s probably a lot of truth to that. Being “open-hearted” is something I pray for nearly every day. And while I think I can be incredibly nurturing and affectionate, I can also be incredibly reserved and “focused” on the task at hand to the point of overlooking all the opportunities to spread love in my day-to-day routine. I blame the Virgo in me. I think I’ve grown a lot in this area since moving to New York, where hugs are almost a professional requirement, but this is yet another call to action to continue to improve. And I’m going to hold myself accountable for actually showing how much I value those around me as often as possible. One more step in becoming the best Kim I can.

Article of the Day: A quick Google search on left side + feminine turned up this short article on the subject. [Daily Om]

Adjective of the Day: Wife. I was making the outside transfer from the 7 train to the G train in LIC when some guy stopped me and asked me if he could “wife” me. Being a naive white girl from Ohio, I stopped and actually asked him to repeat himself. And he said “can I wife you. You know, can I be ya husband?” To which I picked up the pace and got out of there. Always make him ask you right, ladies 😉

Song of the Day: All this talk of the “left” has me singing a lot of Beyonce in my head. You know I love Beyonce. So I’ll take it back to 2007 with one of my fave songs, “Irreplaceable.” You’ve heard it a million times, but I plan on hearing it a least a million more. You must not know ’bout me!