I’ve been craving Thai like nobody’s business for at least a week now, and today I could seriously be satisfied with nothing else for lunch. My last Thai experience was *erb in Greenpoint, and it was not a good one. I don’t know much about what makes an NYC Thai spot legit or not, but *erb was way too runny and spicy for my taste. I ended up making 2 more cups of rice to soak up all the “curry” that came with my meal, and it was still runny! That’s a lot of rice. My absolute fave Thai in New York is Thai Tony’s on the border of Windsor Terrace and Kensington, which was less than a hop, skip, and a jump from the apartment I used to call home until April. Their Pineapple Fried Rice is absolutely delish with the perfect mix of sweet and slightly spicy, and the staff are always super friendly. Not to mention, Fort Hamilton Parkway was begging for a cute dining spot like that for ages. Or maybe that’s just my opinion. But the cute little outdoor tables seem to always be full in nice weather and it seems like its been blowing up since day one even if the sushi spot and our block’s one little boutique didn’t make it. Needless to say, it’s been far too long since I’ve had Thai Tony’s, and today I was jonesing for a major Thai fix like STAT.

I considered the latest Spice outpost on E. 10th because I hear they have decent $8.00 lunch specials.But with moving costs looming dangerously near, I can’t really justify the expense. I’m just that broke. So I went to the same spot I always go: Whole Foods. I was hoping to find a decent Thai lunch in the frozen foods  aisle for under $5.00. Of course they had a bunch of options, all of which looked yummy. I didn’t *quite* get Thai – I ended up getting a Whole Kitchen Chicken Tikka Masala meal because it was 12.3 ounces (at least 2 more ounces than the others, and I was HUNGRY), and because it didn’t have any soy products in it. It does have a little corn starch, and technically I’m allergic to both soy and corn – but desperate times call for desperate measures, and I was having Thai or Indian if it was the last thing I did! Honestly, it was a pretty good lunch. I’d definitely do it again and probably just make some sort of side salad to add to it. I bought a Butter Chicken lunch for Monday, too.

And while I was there I found Nairn’s Organic Oatcake Crackers. I am THRILLED about these! They are wheat free and  yeast free, which fits my never-ending 90 Day Immune System Makeover diet perfectly. And it’s so exciting to have an alternative to rice crackers, even if those things are addictive. Orginally I planned on eating these as a side to my curry, but they were a little drier than I imagined. But they would be PERFECT with hummus, almond butter, lox (mmm… I need to remember to make this when I move), goat cheese, etc. I have so many ideas of how I want to use these things. Goat cheese and tomatoe? Goat cheese and salmon? Goat cheese and peaches?? MMMM.

my thai lunch
Speaking of peaches, Whole Foods had these weird, flat peaches on display as soon as I walked in called Saucer Peaches, so I had to get one. I’ve never seen these before. Am I just completely out of it when it comes to fruit? This is going to be part of my afternoon snack. Maybe with the Nairn crackers. Also, I forgot to mention that the crackers come in four little packs so you can throw them in your purse while you run around town. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve wanted something like this while I’m running around town. Being yeast-free and wheat-free can be tough, y’all. As I’m sure way too many people already know.

I ended up making a snack for my whole department with the Nairn crackers, the saucer peach, and a dollop of 365 Plain Whole Milk yogurt.

OK, that’s it for me right now. These pics from my blackberry are going to have to do while I save up for furniture and then a camera. I’m off to PackTite my belongings for moving day.  I can’t WAIT to take a long bubble bath in my new apartment.

Grateful for: Delicious groceries! One day closer to moving!

Link of the Day: Ed’s Food Writing Panel. My friend at work is signing up for this, and it looks awesome. I’d love to do it someday.

Deal of the Day: Refinery29’s sample sale list for this weekend is dangerous. I can’t even look at it all. I’ll leave it to you guys.