I’ll probably disappear once again for the weekend since we don’t have internet hooked up yet in the new apartment. But I just found this pic of me from Monday night, when I came home to the new apartment for the first time after a long day at work. Let’s just say it felt good to finally come home!


I just wanted to relax and catch up on my season 7 DVDs of Law and Order: SVU, but Dash had other plans: bird watching!

Aug 3rd - bird watching
Haha. Look at that stealth little pose she’s in.

I updated My Story with Lyme Disease and my What I’m Reading Pages. More to come soon! Annnnd, on a complete sidenote, I finally finished a podcast by Pastor Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle yesterday that I really liked. The service was called “Trial: Faith in Your New Life” from June 8th – how coincidental that that’s the one that should start playing in my iTunes right after I start my “new life”? And it turns out Pastor Driscoll is a man after my own heart – he takes supplements. The podcast also takes about “spiritual supplements” we can take to be fruitful in life. I loved it. I’ll probably talk more about it later, but for now, listen to it for free here.

Happy weekend! Xo,