Healthy step of the day: I started the day with physical therapy: a 30 minute massage plus a quick dip in the chiropractor’s office. I’m making a lot of progress against years of muscle and joint damage and feeling better every day. My neck and upper back are the last hold outs – I need to step my stretching game up and really nip this pain in the bud once and for all!

Financial step of the day: I filed my Flexible Spending Account claim for my June and July physical therapy expenses. That means I should get a healthy chunk of change back that I can apply to making up for some of the damage I did to my Total Money Makeover throughout the bedbug ordeal in July. Most likely, I’ll give the money to Steph to cover some of the laundering costs she incurred. If not her, I’ll send it to my credit card, which I had to use for the first time in over a year to buy some groceries :(. Credit cards are way off limits in my Total Money Makeover.

Personal step of the day: Blogging! I have a bunch of posts started that I just need to add some finishing touches to tonight. Hopefully I can get through them all while Packtiting the last of my belongings. I finally got my purse back last night after a month of it being sequestered in a black plastic trash bag. A little piece of me is back again 🙂

Next steps: Make a new prayer journal out of scrap paper. I’ll be trying my hand at crafting for this… we’ll see how it goes!

Excited for: My friend Lucy will be visiting starting Thursday, August 27th! It’s been a year since she last visited, so I can’t wait. And of course I have to return the favor and finally get myself out to San Francisco to see her lovely new apartment.

me and lucy

Grateful for: Feeling good! I may not *quite* be where I want to be just yet (I still have that 24/7 headache), but I’m not nearly as bad as I once was. And thank God for that! I’m also sleeping well on an amazingly comfortable couch our landlord gave us. And my life is slowly starting to be pieced back together again. Hallelujah.

That’s it for today… check out that yummy lunch from my Whole Foods grocery run on Friday: Rudolph’s Organic yeast free rye bread with sunflower seeds, muenster cheese, and the last of the Applegate Farms roast turkey. And of course I pinched a handful of the free mustard packets at the door. Unfortunately, I was out of greens, so I finished off my Whole 365 sea salt chips. I really do eat a bag of chips a day. Can’t hold me down. 😉