So last night I was on the receiving end of an amazing act of generosity – someone ordered me an air conditioner! I never saw that coming, and was actually planning on roughing it out for the next month or so until fall and use the money to buy bedroom furniture. But it just goes to show God does ALWAYS provide.

I did start collecting “no cook” recipes last night though since turning our oven or stove on makes the whole apartment feel like an oven. A friend pointed out the Food Network’s No-Cook Month special online, which I plan to grab ideas from for the rest of the week. And Cooking Light linked to this yummy looking Greek salad on Twitter last night. I’ll have to combine a couple of these dishes, though… It may be hot out, but I still need my three full meals a day.

Last night I snuck in a bowl of Koala Crisp with Almond Milk for dessert. It does have a *little bit* of cane juice, which I try to avoid in favor of natural sweeteners like stevia or agave nectar, but every once in a while I’ll make a concession for a healthy snack like this.

And speaking of snacking, the Renew Life Organic Fiber Bars that I wrote about earlier get a thumbs up from me.

As you can see, I’ve been adding them into my daily snack routine along with the new Larabar flavor – usually one as a mid-morning snack and one around 5:00, an hour before I grab the train home.

We had a great book club meeting last night about The Life You’ve Always Wanted. I have an update I want to share with everyone, so I’ll try to get that typed up soon. Until then…


Grateful for: Feeling GREAT today, super acts of generosity, great friends, and renewed focus.

Link of the Day: Preserving America’s Food Traditions [New York Botanical Garden Plant Talk Blog]