Last night was another late night. After work, I had to zip up to a film screening for an upcoming movie that I’ll be doing marketing on. I’d planned to do dinner at a friend’s b-day BBQ afterwards, but all this weird weather put an end to that. So instead, I had to whip something up using a mish mash of groceries we have at home. The dinner itself wasn’t the *best* one I’ve made all week (though I won’t complain since I’m eating very well in the scheme of things), but I did get to make one of my fave dishes: broccoli slaw!

aug 12 - broccoli slaw
I love making any kind of slaw, and this one is a new fave. Steph and I were hoping to make it with dried cranberries or raisins, but we used all the raisins up in a new batch of trail mix. So this was a pretty simple version of it: Trader Joe’s pre-julliened broccoli slaw mix with Kraft olive oil mayo and a little splash of almond milk. Mmm Mmm good. I ate it with salsa scrambled eggs and lentils… like I said, not exactly cohesive, but it was pretty good.

It’s been cool, dark, and dreary out since last night. Quite a change from earlier this week when I couldn’t get cool enough. I’m heading to Coney Island tonight to see Blondie and Pat Benatar for free, and I just finalized plans for the Jersey Shore this Saturday, so here’s hoping the weather will cheer up for that.


Grateful for: A great start to my Thursday. Leftover broccoli slaw for lunch!

Song of the Day: Pat Benatar – Love is a Battlefield. In honor of tonight’s free show. Cross your fingers it doesn’t rain!