I’m fighting some sort of virus that sneaked up on me late last week and has me feeling super achey from head to toe. The good news is, in the past it would’ve taken much less than two months of chaos and stress (see: major bug catastrophe, sleeping on the floor, moving) to get me feeling this sick. The fact that I’ve been feeling as good as I have been through all of it and that this virus could be much worse is a major win on my end.

But even if I’m feeling better than I might’ve in the past, I’m still no fan of bugs. So I have to give props where props are due to some of my favorite natural cold and flu remedies keeping me afloat this week:


umckaNature’s Way Umcka Cold + Flu: I like the powder that dissolves on your tongue, but I’ve also used the hot drink version. I take this stuff at the very first sign of a cold or flu and it keeps it from getting even half as bad as it would be otherwise.

Nature’s Way Sambucus Sugar Free Syrup: I actually take a teaspoon of this stuff every day to make up forsambucus what my weakened immune system doesn’t do on its own. I used to be on a never ending merry-go-round of colds and sinus infections (gross, I know), but since I’ve started taking this stuff I’ve knocked it down to only a couple colds a year (and not a single sinus infection in almost 2 years!). It tastes great, it’s all natural, and it really works. When I do get a cold or flu, I ramp it up to 4 tsps a day and it does wonders in keeping it in check.

echinacheaNature’s Way Echinacea: The old stand-by. I only take this stuff when I know I have a serious cold or virus trying to do it’s work on me. Then I’ll pop two of these three times a day until I know it’s gone.

Boiron Oscillococcinum: This stuff is almost as intense as the name. One little tube of sugary tasting homeopathic goodness does wonders against whatever bug is trying to bring you down. Again, I’ll take this at the very first sign of a cold or flu, which keeps it progressing past the achey, sore throat phase. I can usually tell when this is wearing off because I’ll feel like the bug is trying to rear its head again. Foroscillo me, 3 tubes a day for 3 days does wonders in keeping my bug in check, keeping me functioning well, and getting me back to better much quicker than I’d be otherwise. 

As you can see, I’m a big fan of Nature’s Way because of the high quality of their supplements and homeopathic products. My favorite thing about all of these remedies is that they are completely natural – so I get none of the side effects of “conventional” cold medicine. Not only that, but they don’t just mask the symptoms – they attack them and make them go away.  And while I still believe in traditional medicine like antibiotics and anti-virals (long term antibiotic therapy has been a major part of my Lyme treatment), I’ve seen just how much natural remedies combined with lots of rest, healthy food, and a couple glasses of lemon water a day can nip these colds and viruses in the bud before it escalates to that level – which, for someone who used to spend several days a month in the doctor’s office, has been a very nice game changer for me.

Hope you’re all feeling healthy and cold free!