Aug 19 - cans

Italian food is one of the hardest types of food for me to eat since so much of it is made out of refined wheat. Thank goodness for rice pasta! The other day I wanted to make something quick, cheap, and easy, and Italian was the answer. So I bought two packages of rice pasta – one with rice bran and one with spinach – mixed them together, threw a can of crushed tomatoes on top, seasoned, and served. And of course I made a giant salad on the side, because dinner isn’t dinner without one.

Aug 19 - spaghetti

The salad was made of romaine hearts, avocado, and slivered almonds from Trader Joe’s and yoga sprouts. And I topped it with my signature canola oil/salt/pepper dressing.

Aug 19 - salad 3

This is a giant serving of spaghetti, but as I’ve said I’ve had a HUGE appetite recently. And after dropping below 100 pounds last year, I have no shame in eating a little extra to get back to where I need to be. My next step is to make sure I’m doing the right exercises so that all these carbs and protein my body’s asking for are used to build up healthy tissue and muscle. If you have tips, holla! Otherwise, I’ll stick with the stretches I’m learning in physical therapy and walking the millions of miles a day that comes with being a New Yorker.

Why This is Healthy: The brown rice pasta is yeast free, wheat free, and gluten free making it an incredibly healthy complex carb. It’s also a good source of vitamin B, meaning it’s even more energizing than “regular” spaghetti.

The Breakdown

Where I Got It: Flatbush Food Coop

What it Cost:

  • Tinkyada Pasta Joy Spinach spaghetti style rice pasta $3.59
  • Tinkyada Pasta Joy spaghetti style rice pasta with rice bran $3.19
  • Avocado $1.99
  • Bionaturae organic crushed tomatoes 28.2 oz $1.99

The grand total: $10.76

What I Already Had:

  • The Sproutman organic yoga salad (alfalfa, arugula, red lentil, French lentil, and pea sprouts) $1.99 [see my no cook weekend for more]
  • Foxy Organic Romaine Hearts $3.99 [it made its first appearance in my chicken burger dinner here]
  • Zucchini (Trader Joes)
  • Hain Canola Oil 32 oz $5.99

How Many it Served: Two dinners + two lunches at $1.85 a meal. I got to this calculation by dividing the cost of each of the pastas in half since I only used half of each package. And then adding everything up from there and dividing the total by the four meals it made.  

What’s Left Over: I have half of each of the pastas left over as well as a little over half of the tomato sauce, which I’ll save and use throughout the week. The yoga sprouts last for forever. I use these things on salads and sandwiches (see my no cook weekend dinner) for weeks. The Foxy Organic romaine also makes about 6 salads total, which makes it about $.67 a salad… not bad when you break it down like that!

(So cheap that we had it again for dinner on Monday)

Aug 24 - spaghetti 2