I’m back at the office today after a nice relaxing day off to recover, rejuvinate, and take stock of things. Big virtual hugs to everyone for bearing with me while I was feeling so feeling so under the weather. After lots of prayer and reflection, I’m reminded once again that life does go on and these neurotoxins will not be the end of me. If anything, they’ve helped me discover my new fave healthy pastime: detox baths!

Today’s lunch is leftovers from the grocery gifts Steph’s office sent over: marinated steak, half of a beefsteak tomato, and chickpea salad (that I snagged at Sunac in Williamsburg last week but never opened). I covered all of it in my homemade salad dressing of olive oil, oregano, basil, thyme, salt, pepper, and garlic. Delicious.

Sept 3 - lunch

Grateful for: Feeling better. Delicious lunches. And a new plan I’ll be sharing with all of you soon!

Link of the Day: Don’t Lose Heart by Cliff Young [Crosswalk.com]. I clicked on this article during my lunch break today, and it really got me thinking.

Exciting News of the Day: Brooklyn’s most famous butcher revealed that he’s opening a “food dork megaplex” in Williamsburg this October with cooking classes, cookbooks, supplies, and more. Um, yes I’ll be there on opening day! [Brooklyn Based]