The past week has been all about detoxing for me as I’ve been doing my best to get rid of the nasty little neurotoxins I accumulated during my brief stay in my last apartment. It’s also been about resting and rejuvinating, which means my meals have been simple, easy to prepare dishes that take as little energy as possible but still provide the nutrition I need to bounce back.

Overnight oats have already become a breakfast mainstay in my diet. Lately I’ve been dressing a bowl of overnight oat bran and almond milk with peanut butter, agave nectar, and a sliced banana.

Sept 2 - bfast
Simple, filling, and incredibly delicious.

And I’ve been relying quite a bit on quinoa, which I made a giant pot of late last week and put in the freezer to use as my complex carb of choice for the next few days. Since I was home all day Wednesday, I boiled 2 Applegate Farms chicken hotdogs and sliced them up alongside a spinach, romaine, carrot, and quinoa salad.

Sept 2 - lunch

Later that night, I heated up two chicken (pre-cooked) breasts (from the b-day groceries we received on Tuesday night), some quinoa I made late last week, and some instant mashed potatoes (it was a sick day… I had to cut some corners here and there) in a skillet over medium heat.

Sept 2 - dinner in pan
I served it with a sliced beefsteak tomato and half an avocado and sprinkled the whole plate with my homemade salad dressing of olive oil, garlic, basil, oregano, thyme, salt, and pepper.

Sept 2 - dinner is served

And last night, Steph made a giant pot of brown rice, organic black beans, crushed tomatoes with basil, and olive oil, which I ate next to another large salad of spinach and romaine with the olive oil and garlic dressing.

Sept 3 - dinner

Sept 3 - dinner close up
I’ve been taking full advantage of the medicinal benefits of garlic while detoxing, and I have to say I do think it’s helping. After yet another long and steamy detox bath last night, I’m feeling better than I’ve felt all week and it looks like I’ll be making it to the Jersey Shore tomorrow for my second “daycation.”

Hope you’re all having a great Friday. Talk soon!


Grateful for: Short workdays, long weekends, delicious food, beautiful weather, detox baths, and detox diets!