kiss my face

I’ve been browsing the interweb on my day off, and came across Whole Foods employee blog. I’m not going to lie – I’ve been completely sucked in (even to the point of reading this entire article about catfish farming). Not only because I find the whole “whole foods” and natural products thing fascinating, but because the people that work at Whole Foods are in love with their company. They truly believe in what they’re doing and they’re psyched to tell the world about it.

I’ve already bookmarked a bunch of recipes for this summer (I’m making all of them) and “Be Good to Your Body” podcast because I’m a tad obsessed with putting nothing but the most natural products on my skin. Currently I buy almost all of my beauty products at Whole Foods and similar stores, including Kiss My Face, Avalon Organics, Alba, and Alaffia. But in Whole Foods’ April 27th podcast, Cosmetics: What to Look For, What to Avoid, they mention that sunscreen ingredients such as oxybenzone penetrate deep into the skin and can disrupt endocrine activity. Seriously… I need my hormones healthy. I’ve been slathering this stuff on my face in small amounts for years (aren’t we supposed to keep our skin protected?). So my question is: how does a girl keep her face free of UVA and UVB damage while also keeping her hormones running nice and smoothly. In other words, what’s a girl to do?

Next step: Find a daytime moisturizer without oxybenzone or a similarly dangerous ingredient. I’m kind of eyeing Kiss My Face’s new Potent and Pure skincare line. What can I say? I’m a sucker for marketing. Right now I’m leaning towards the Cell Mate Face Cream & Sunscreen, which uses Titanium Dioxide instead of Oxybenzone. Titanium Dioxide sounds just as crazy to me, but according to Kiss My Face and wikipedia, it’s a little more “natural.” And I’m kind of tempted by their toner and Ester C Serum. Do I need these things? I’m going to sleep on it.

Also, side note from my podcast education: did you know the government doesn’t require health studies on personal care products? Crazy, y’all.