Sept 11 - chips and salsa

Last year, my cardiologist told me to up my salty foods intake to counteract episodes of lightheadedness I was having from low blood pressure. I’ve been eating half a bag of sea salt potato chips a day ever since. Recently I cut the daily chips out of my diet though as something that wasn’t “necessary” while times are tight. But this morning an integrative nutritionist acquaintance of mine suggested my recent bouts with dehydration could be caused from not getting enough healthy salt in my diet. Totally interesting considering I’ve only had this problem since I cut the daily chips out. I don’t know for certain that my breakup with chips is the one and only cause, but I do know that I must be craving salt for a reason. So I’m renewing my vows with my potato chips and taking our relationship public. To celebrate, I bought a new bag of 365 Everyday Value Organic Classic Sea Salt Potato Chips from Whole Foods with their matching Thick and Chunky Salsa. A match made in snacking heaven.

Why this is healthy: The chips are made with organic expeller pressed sunflower oil and not corn or vegetable oil. Also, sea salt is a healthy way to get your daily salt intake, which helps you absorb water. The salsa is a super delicious, medium, chunky salsa with no sugar added unlike some popular brands on the market. Win-win.

What it Costs: Both the chips and the salsa were $2.99 each. Not shabby, Whole Foods. Not shabby at all.