A reusable water bottle has been on my wishlist for a long time.¬† While it might seem like a fairly easy purchase¬† to make, it’s been a while since I’ve thrown down even $25.00 dollars on an actual “purchase” for myself other than food. But after my recent bout with dehydration, I decided it’s time to do one better than my giant Smart Water bottles washed out and reused and invest in the real deal.

Right now I’m eyeing this Sigg bottle, which is now not only BPA free (a major concern for me) but also benefits the Jane Goodall Institute. So according to the website, $5.00 from each purchase of this particular bottle will be used to “provide funding to build rainwater harvesting tanks that will deliver clean water to students in Africa.”

I didn’t know anything about the Jane Goodall Institute until now, but I like doing good with my purchases, so this makes my very first Wish List post. Since I’m a budgeting girl, I’m going to have to hold off this month until I work the actual purchase into my October budget. But soon I’llbe sporting my new fave accessory of Fall 09 – a reusable water bottle.